Saturday, December 24, 2011

What happens when they don't believe?

While we are preparing for our holiday today, I was struck by a conversation I had with a co-worker yesterday. "Does Tori still believe in Santa Clause?" I explained that yes she does, and that we encourage that he's a spirit that lives in us. But I don't think that did it real justice.

I will be ... Hang on, I have to think ... 2012 - 1984 = 28 next month. I honestly don't think about what my age will be, but rather my children's. But I am 27 at the moment, and I still believe in Santa Clause.

Why? Because I fervently believe that he is like the Parables used by Christ to demonstrate the joy of giving, and what it feels like to receive. I believe that Santa is really all of us, reaching out to make someone's holiday a little better, a little brighter, and a little more special.

What saddens me, is this feeling of helping others, giving to others, only lasts this one season. And unlike the parable of Santa, we have as a society only really granted those special favors to our loved ones, or ones we feel deserve it. Think about it. .... Just think for a moment about it.

The gift of a smile? It might actually cost you a few minutes of conversation.

The gift of a helping hand? It might cost you fifteen minutes. Maybe a few bucks.

The GIFT of a loving friend? That could cost you a lifetime of visits.

We used to as a society go down in the dredges and help others. But now we feel fear at helping others we don't know. But we are more than willing to throw a few bucks at it to make it go away and to 'ease our conscience' slightly.

When I was in a deep bought of postpartum depression, while hey, a few bucks helped me mingle by. I can never forget the one person, who cared enough to entertain me, to encourage me, and to help me. It's a kindness that I never will be able to repay. Even if things get rocky, and we don't speak for months. She is still in my prayers every night. And if she pops in my mind for a single second during the day, I still take my time to pray for her. She knows who she is. If she doesn't, all you need to know, she turned me on to the magic of making bread for my family.

So this Christmas, I choose to be thankful for my Santa Clauses. You dear people who encourage and strengthen me. Who make me want to be a little more compassionate in the world. While I may fail that at times, at lot of times in the past couple of months. Know that your kindnesses have always reminded me when I'm crabby, stubborn, and just plain bitchy... I need to show a little more kindness and compassion. I need to get out there more and help those who I can. Not just to strive through one more day, but to help build a lifetime of passion for life. A Passion for the good things, a passion for the bridges that we cross daily, and the rivers of knowledge that we gaze into.

Sunday, December 18, 2011

A weekend of Celebration!

This weekend marked the 5th birthday of my darlin'. My Ian Marcus. Do you know, I love that little boy? That frustratingly sweet child of mine. The child who is just like his father. He's had a good birthday! While today is his official birthday, we celebrated on Saturday. He had several people come to visit, one though was visiting me, more on that later.

I think his favorite present is still... the toy Black and Decker Chainsaw! His first thing, I'm gonna go cut trees. Hey... I have a boy. One of those hyper blue blood boys old movies were made of. I love him. Granted, he still loves to play with dolls, his sister wanted to use the Chainsaw too. It was a win-win. God love them!

Sunday, December 04, 2011

Starting my Christmas...

We generally try to mourn Thanksgiving for a bit. You know, indulge in it's leftovers, bask in the togetherness... mourn for the distended waistlines.

So this weekend, we have officially began decorating for the Christmas Season! I've also began baking, and have... mostly successfully attempted to make Rainbow Cookies. I also had much more success with Almond Paste.

Several Notes: On the Almond Paste, depending on the grade of your food processor. I've found it is EASIER to get those almonds to almost power prior to adding your hot sugar syrup. If you are like me, and can't afford high powered processors. This will help save your motor, and allow you to keep that hard paste feeling, without having to water it down too much. I still had to add simple syrup.

On another note - Making Rainbow cookies? DO IT! But do it better than I did! Thin Thin layers! less is more on the Jam. You really need just a thin layer, because you will be compressing this cookie, and it will help those layers set to each other. You are wanting to glue, not lubricate. (Yeah - by the way... I totally did THAT the other way around! I lubricated my thick layers of cookie with jam.)

The other note, is on your chocolate layer, use the cup of Dark Chocolate, and give it a threesome in a pan with some butter and heavy cream. Not enough to make a Ganache, but enough to make it spreadable and not to seize on you!

That being said... enjoy the pictures of my labor.

Monday, November 28, 2011

In case I ever Die...

Just in case I ever die... I'm going to share a recipe that was shared with me. That way, Tom and the kids can still HAVE this soup!

Cheesy Potato Soup

4 Bouillon Cubes
9 Cups Water
2 Cans of Whole Potatoes Chunked
3 tbs dried minced Onions
1 tsp each - Oregano, Salt, Pepper, Cilantro
1 cup Processed Velveeta Cheese
1/2 cup dried milk
a package Four Cheese Instant Potatoes

Keep in mind - I guestimate this stuff... I'm a pinch and drop kinda cook.

Put spices, bouillon cubes, minced onions in water and bring to boil. add dried milk incorporate throughly. Add velveeta and melt, add potatoes and warm through. Add Instant Potatoes. Allow time to warm through.

The whole process? Under 30 minutes! Is it Tasty? *looks in her soup pot* They are either hiding it somewhere in the house, or they ate it all.

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Always in motion... Always changing...

So... the coloring I had was a little... morose. I wasn't feeling it. So we are trying something light with a splash of color. What do you think? I also took away my 'Updates on Tuesday's and Thursday's'.

I'm being honest, I haven't been the most dependable blogger. I'm working on trying to get better at that, so without the dead lines, maybe it will be more natural for me to write... and you to read.

So the other thing I changed? It was thanksgiving, and let me tell you - I cooked up the most succulent and moist turkey I think I have ever tried! You can check out the method on (The Perfect Turkey). I will admit, When I got to the whole, 'Flipping the bird over in a hot oven with the potential of flying boiling juices'.... I got a little nervous. It took me some thinking to figure out HOW to do it.. which by the way, a set of the two prong wide set tines that come with MOST turkey carving kits, work just fine. I do however encourage you to remember - DO NOT have anything else in your oven with this bird at the time you need to do the flip-flop and butter. You will need every bit of space you can to flip it.

Other than that, I've kept life pretty boring. My MIL is currently looking at my sewing machine trying to help ME figure out how it works. So that is my next mission.... well. *looks at sleeping husband* maybe not my absolute next mission. *grin*

Friday, October 28, 2011

New Look!

I'm fiddling around with the Blog look and layout a little. The picture used at the present time is from Daniel Hambleton. He's our friend from college and took a lot of wonderful pictures that I have loved. This is one of them.

I've also changed the name of the blog. Vive Diu Cum Passione. It's Lation for 'Live Long with Passion'. My new motto. And No. I'm not referring to a fiery inferno of passion that engulfs and ultimately destroys things. I'm talking a nurturing interest that defines the adult version of Passion.

I am passionate about my children, so I go to great lengths to involve myself in their lives and enjoy them.

I am passionate about my spouse, so I will encourage, love, and nurture his needs.

I am passionate about cooking. So I will strive to be the best that I can be and to learn new things.

I am passionate about myself. So I will strive to endure my hardships with grace, My disappointments with dignity, treat my mind like a treasure cove, and my body like the finest of orchids. I could say temple... but let's face it... even temples settle awkwardly after a long period of time.

But needless to say.. Passion. I want to be truly passionate.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

To the Thief who broke into my home...

Dear Sir. Yes, we know you're a guy. I am writing you this little note to express not only my displeasure with your actions against my family, my time, and my small joys, but I'm also wish to express my deepest sympathies for the recent death of your self respect and your ability to be self reliant. I know you must be grieving this loss, or in the simple shock and denial that it is in fact expired, and a part of your history.

Yes Sir, I understand that times are tough, and that jobs are few. But that doesn't mean that jobs aren't available, nor that jobs cannot be taken to make ends meet that are merely temporary. You sir, have taken to stealing other people's possessions, and probably some of the precious memories they had. For instance, you stole my iPod to which I hadn't yet downloaded the videos and pictures of a dear friend visiting that we hadn't seen since our marriage ceremony. How sad that in order to feel better about yourself, you had to take that from me.

You are void of any true self respect, because how else could you justify taking my things, my cherished memories and just treating them like the gravel beneath your feet. That Gravel is the start and main component of the concrete in my life. I resent that you took that from me. But I pity you since you apparently lack that component in yours and felt the need to steal mine.

I wish to warn you of this lifestyle you choose, in the end you will find yourself hollow and without substance. You will look at people you wish to befriend some day and realize that you have not only wronged them, but made them insecure and fearful, essentially viewing the lifestyle you've chosen as monstrous. This in turn will start to make you feel extremely self conscious to the point your friendships will be thin as water, and just as quick to disappear.. let's not even talk about how this affects a healthy relationship between lovers.

I hope you can and will turn around from this path. I pray that the acid of your choices can still be neutralized so you can one day feel better about yourself. I hope you find peace, and that someone, somewhere shows you kindness and compassion. Because God knows... you aren't showing it to yourself.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Long Time, No Blog

Well, it has been quite a while since I've updated this hootus. Recently, we had a friend come down to visit with us. He's been out of the country for awhile, and honestly, we missed him.

I dug out my southern roots, and honeys - He left weighing probably 5 pounds more. He arrived Friday evening to a Chicken and Dumplings. I only make Drop dumplings. I love the texture that comes from eating a good, thick, dumpling. Whenever I eat a rolled out Dumpling, while good, it often reminds me of eating a pasta, rather than dumpling. Our dumpling recipe is high on Egg content, which allows for enough protein to make a meaty dumpling that is filling.

For dessert - Chocolate Brownie ice cream with this decadent Brownie Pudding. It's a simple recipe that offers big impact considering what you use. The best part about this recipe is the fact of how it's made. You basically apply a paste to a greased pan. The trick however - is getting the watery topping on. I suggest using a large spoon and pouring into that spoon slowly and letting it hit the sides of your pan. What happens is, the liquid will sink to the bottom creating essentially a rich fudge sauce, and the brownie will cook and float on the top.

In the morning, I made overnight waffles. Unfortunately, the yeast didn't proof so they were heavy, but still yummy. Served with maple syrup and or Nutella.

Our final meal was a homemade Pizza, Pepperoni with Mozzerella and a three cheese blend. The sauce was made from scratch, and the crust was brushed in butter and topped with a garlic herb blend and a splattering of Kosher salt.

Well satisfied ladies and gents... very well satisfied!

Monday, August 01, 2011

We're going to be Best Friends Forever!

Yes... I'm mom. I was eavesdropping on my daughter's conversation with Sidney. She kept asking, so we called and asked if Sidney could talk. And thus was the cutest end of a child's conversation I could hear.


"Sidney!?" "I've Missed you!"


"You wanna hear a joke?"


"Yeah well.... OMG! You kill me! *insert massive giggles here*"


"Here's my joke... A chicken goes in the road and lays her eggs..."


"I know wasn't that funny?!"


"Sidney! We're going to be Best Friends Forever!"

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Ack! How could I forget the Syrup!?

So, This month in order to save for a few items, Tom and I have been working to eat mostly out of our home and not bring in a whole load of food. One of the items I normally buy every few months is Pancake Syrup. But... I forgot it. So we were going to forgo the ritual of French Toast or Pancake breakfast that we have every Sunday morning... but then. I got a bee in my bonnet.

You can find everything on the internet from Bikini Clad gentleman, to a man dressed up like Eeyore with his miniature Donkey in a matching outfit. Seriously... it exists. So why not look for a knock-off syrup recipie that is just as good, and maybe even cheaper than the store versions. Preferably sans me going out and getting all Lumberjack-like and tappin' me some trees. Yeah... not boiling down 10 gallons of sap to get 2 quarts of syrup. came to my aid! Bless them and their contributors!

The Cheater Pancake Syrup Recipe is super easy, super quick, and produces enough to make you really think twice about ever buying the store stuff again! I could not for the life of me find my Maple Extract, so I substituted Butter Flavoring and it was still completely awesome. So I share a picture of our Sunday Breakfast.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

I love Siestas and Storms

So this Sunday, I literally declared the day a wash, before it really started to be honest. Tom and the kids helped clean the living room up. I did dishes, well.. I have more taunting me with their amazing procreating skills. I swear, it's like the dish soap is a kegger and they've invited all their friends to come party in my sink. The owner always does the clean up.

The absolute best part of the day was getting the kids to nap, then going in and curling up with my husband and sleeping. He works nights, so weekends and his two days off are our cuddling time. We've decided that it's more important that we feel connected, than a perfect house or life.

But as it is everywhere in the US recently, it's been hot. Today though, was a miraculous event as I could lay snuggled up in my husband's side while he watched TV with the kids, I was watching the storm roll in. I love the look of the fields as a storm comes this way. We took the kids out for a drive and just reveled in the rain coming down. We drove by our bank before it started, and it told us it was 80 degrees out. 15 minutes later, it was just 71. We explained the scientific points of how lightening occurs and why. Yes... we prefer to be real with her on some things. The fairytales still exist though.

But yes... Siestas are the best thing in the world, especially when you get to snuggle with your loved one/s! And teaching your children that Storms are a blessing and a spectacle... completely worth the day being a wash!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Berries, Apples, and.. Cobbler?! OH MY!

So, Monday was a rough day... The whole week previous was rough honestly. I was making Supper for the kids and decided we needed to leave the house for awhile. So, it was decided we needed to hunt Blackberries. So, we loaded in Daddy (Tom)'s Jeep and went into the field. We found a few, but the real awesome find, was the Granny Apple tree in the back corner. This is a tree that my brother and I would hunt when we were younger... We used to pick apples and feed them to Jackie, a bay muley mouthed mare who was like our dog.

So Tori, climbed on Mommy and Daddy while we pulled branches down and we got 4 apples that she really wanted to eat. Then we went to Uncle Bill & Marcus's Saw mill. The kids seen my brother there and watched the machinery work. Ian wants one... toys just aren't cutting it!

But we got home, and Tori was helping me work the blackberries and I was cutting the apples up for cobbler and we discussed cooking terms as I was applying my pie crust...

*as I'm reaching in the fridge* 'Momma needs to get her Cheater'. "Momma! You keep cheaters in there?!" *very serious look on her face*. While I am seriously considering saying yes, I say no. 'No baby, Cheaters are the bought Pie Crusts Momma keeps in here. I call them cheaters because I didn't make them from scratch'..... *Confused look* "Momma, what are you scratching then?".... 'Tori, from scratch means, Mommy actually took flour, salt, water, and butter to make a pie crust. Mommy didn't, so this isn't from scratch". ... 'You're silly Momma."

Anyway, folks try this cobbler! I've found that it works wonderfully with vanilla ice cream. It's warm, but sweet. Just what a family dessert should be.

Black Apple Cobbler -

1/2 tsp nutmeg
1/2 tsp cloves
1 tsp cinnamon
2 cups sugar
1 tsp Vanilla
2 tbls Flour
1/2 tsp salt
1 cup Chopped Granny Smith Apples
3 cup Blackberries

1 Refridgerated Pie Crust
2 Tbs Butter
2 tbs Sugar

Heat oven to 350 Degrees.

Combine the first set of ingredients in a bowl, mix well. Pour in 9 x 9 pan. Cover with Pie Crust and settle in. Butter Crust and Sugar it. Fork the crust to make air vents. Make sure to say Poke every time you fork it, it adds fun to the dish.

Cook in oven for 45 minutes. Serve with Vanilla Ice Cream.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

I'm Back!

Sorry for the hiatus my dears, but I've had a lot going on in the past few months. Let's have a quick catch up, shall we?

  1. My 'Baby Girl' is officially starting Kindergarten August 17th. I'm equally sad and proud that she has worked so hard, and is so stinkin' smart!
  2. My 'Baby Boy' is, for the most part, potty trained. I know, he's much older than I'd care to admit, and still has a few issues. We're working on it.
  3. Ian is also seeing a local teacher for assistance with his Speech. Tori spent so long talking for him, that at this point, we are needed to bring him up to speed.
  4. Ian and Tori are also in the same CLASS. For the moment, this has been a challenge. Hopefully, things will even out when Tori no longer attends the Day Care.
  5. I am loosing weight. I attribute it to the walks around work. Eating a little better, and just being for a moment. Or if you wish to go this route: My body has decided to finally shed it stores of winter fat, only to (hopefully not) work through the hibernation process again.
  6. My hair is starting to get long, Ponytails, YEAY! Now I feel like a complete Mom again.
  7. Patches has passed away. I'm very sad about this and will miss her. Look shortly for a special Patches post.
  8. Before our cat passed away, there was a rescue of sorts done for a kitten. Mother died while they were still nursing and hadn't began eating real foods. So Tori begged, I caved, we now have another cat... that resides outside.
  9. I shaved Poor Bond's fur down due to the heat... he looks sad, pathetic, and will never trust me again with clippers. Smart dog.
  10. and Finally... I promise to try and be more on time with my posting. I've got a goal, and I'm going to work through some recipes, write short stories, draw a little, and of course... leave you tons of little snarky love notes to read on my life.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Apple Pie Cinnamon Rolls

These were a real hit. I was unsure how they would turn out, but they are nummy! *grin*

I used my favorite, and somewhat broken now, Betty Crocker Cook Book. It's even a pink version for the breast cancer. I got it for our wedding back in 2005. Anyways, in it, there is a recipe for Cinnamon Rolls and various substitutions for it. One was just apple filling.

So guess what I played with on Sunday, despite being sick? Perfecting this recipe. So I adjusted it, you start off with your basic yeast dough. Melting the butter (1/3 c), milk (1 c), sugar (1/2), and salt (1/2 tsp) in a pan so it's heated and then mixing the Yeast packet with Flour (2 1/4 c) and 3 large eggs.

When it's well blended mix in 2 more cups of flour, turn it out and kneed in up to 5 cups. Put it in an oiled bowl and turn it. Then cover and rest.

I chopped up some Granny Smith Apples. I used three small apples chopped them up about quarter inch so they wouldn't take up the whole cinnamon roll. then I made a spread of Butter, Cinnamon, and Nutmeg that I covered the inside with, I also added a bit of Sugar because the Granny's have just a bit of bite to them.

Then you cut the dough in half when it's risen, cover and let rest 10 minutes. Roll out to about 12 x 8 inches and assemble. Spread the butter mix on, cover with apple bits and roll. Let them rest 30 minutes and then bake at 375 for 25 minutes.

I topped them with a Cinnamon Vanilla Glaze. And they were yum.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Their first Fishes!

So Wednesday last week, the kids and I went up to my Mom's and we went fishing. More correctly, Mom and the kids fished, Uncle Mike (my brother), and two of the neighborhood kids, Kenny & Jimmy, were there to help the kids take their fishes off the line.

Honestly, I don't fish. I don't like the slimy texture, and if I can't take the fish off the line, I'm not torturing the poor thing. But the kids are young enough to start fishing, and boy do they love it. They caught 6 or 7 fish between the two of them, and their first fishes are well documented. I'm not even sure what kind of fish they caught. I think it was a carp, but they are doing well and love to fish. I might get into fishing again. These are the things my children love. To be outside, and doing something. I think next weekend, we're going to start our gardening project next week.

We're behind, I got knocked on my rear this weekend. I must put a request out to all those lovely trees in my area. Could you please, learn to fornicate in more private ways rather than this public nuisance that is pollen, and subsequently a massive sinus infection for me? Thanks.

,~* Their First Fishes *~,

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

I never want to repeat that life experience...

It's not that I don't want to go to the Circus again. Oh No! I loved the Circus. Recently the Kelly Miller Circus came to our small town to grace us with a spectacular performance that I hope they repeat next year! It was wonderful and fantastic. Amusing, beguiling, stunning, shocking, and we had the best seats in the house!

There was a gentleman who had a special act in the beginning where he literally walked through ropes on the ceiling... upside down. He did flips in the air on these loops, and looked right down at my children and acknowledged them. Literally above our heads!

No, the experience I don't want to repeat is the Elephant ride. I could post the picture of the kids and I on this gentle giant, but I will spare all of you the horrific view of my... ample posterior. It was perfectly safe, keep that in mind. I just wasn't so keen on the height, the constant shifting of the elephants hips beneath my own rump, and the sinking feeling that regardless of how much like rubber my rear resembles, if I fall off, I know the bouncing quality of rubber will be lacking greatly.

The kids on the other hand, jeered and giggled. They truly enjoyed the experience, granted, I was holding on to the bar for dear life, and them too. They ran to their Grandma and told her how wonderful it was to be so high! Unfortunately when they looked at me, it was a tentative smile and nod. And with an understanding grin from my mother in law I whispered, 'I have never been so happy to be on the ground!'

Monday, April 11, 2011

Wedding Bells...

Over this past weekend, my family partook in a wonderful and most beautiful event... the marriage of a pair of friend's of ours, Katy & Luke. They are a wonderful couple and deserve the best that their love and devotion to each other can create!

But, as always there are little things that happen in weddings, and some prove how gullible that children really are. I share with you, the detriment one bridesmaid did to my poor son, the ring bearer.

So I'm standing here trying to organize these little things in order to make sure we are good before we trek down to the wooded wedding chapel. The flower girl's basket, check. One, two, three bouquets, Check. Ring Pillow, Check. Rings for Ring Pillow.... Negative. Quick thinking reminded me that Tom wears three rings. All of these rings symbolize a stage in our relationship, but only one is actually worth more than two nickels rubbed together. I asked him to 'loan' his paste rings to the ceremony pillow just for show. He agrees and then, while I'm tying these two items to the pillow... Lissie talks to Ian.

'Now Ian, if you drop those rings, Mommy and Daddy won't be married anymore!'. ... ... ... He took her very seriously on this topic. He spent the whole time refusing to hold on to the actual pillow. But instead, walks his little self down the aisle, after being reminded that you have to walk down it, and cannot simple skate around the outside of the pavilion to where you need to stand, holding on to the rings tightly clutched in his little hand. And that is where his little hand stayed until we removed Daddy's rings from the pillow.

Poor child. I must teach him not to listen to Lissie.

**Side Note: Do check out the bottom, there are two pictures of my precious children dressed up for their respective positions in the wedding.

Tuesday, April 05, 2011


I'm a mean mom. It's been so warm this weekend, and I am so trying to just Catch up to myself that I've kicked my kids out over this past weekend.

They wanted to come back in, Mommy we want to play with the toys. No. You must be outside, out of my hair so I can clean house. Stay where I can see you. *watch the pouting faces leave the door way*... Also note that 5 minutes after this conversation they are building forts with my lawn furniture and playing some game that I have no understanding of, or if they really understand what they are doing.

So... I did put laundry out on the line... after I put up two. One for blankets and the like... the other is for our normal laundry. I'm hot, exhausted and dangit... Mommy wants to go to ... not Vegas, but maybe Canada? LOL... Something cold please. But My wish will be granted this evening when it drops from the upper 70's low 80's all the way down to the 50s - 40s.

In the mean time. Have fun!

Saturday, March 26, 2011

So Tori was a Tap Dancer...

She's so cute whenever she thinks that she's all that, isn't she? *grins*

I was actually VERY proud of my daughter and her whole class during their Tap Dance at the Cosmopolitan Club Variety Show & Pageant. It was a disaster until they danced.

Apparently, the song that the Teacher had was on a Cassette Tape. It's a really cute song, and I finally found it and may take it upon myself to buy it on the CD and give it to the teacher to avoid this NEXT year. Since Tori will also be in this class next year.

But the short story: They did not have the tape cued. For either the practice or the show. So during the show, on the stage, these poor kids had to stand there, for 4 minutes (I have the video and it is timed as such) while the technician had to cue the tape. So during random bits, the whole audience is hearing Whitney Houston.

My daughter as you can see, had very little make-up on. I chose to be that way because it's natural, and the only real make-up that she required was to even her skin tone and cover her 'raccoon eyes'. For those who do not know about the whole Stage thing. Those lights, bring out EVERY flaw and amplify it. So it was necessary for that much just enough to merely make her more photogenic and not look like something that stepped out of a Tim Burton movie all sallow looking and such.

But I am very proud of my daughter. She danced beautifully. Especially for as short of a time that she's been dancing.

I've been a Baaa-aaaaad Blogger.

Dear Readers, please forgive my absence. I was detained by a vile, evil, and monstrous Wisdom tooth. It even left massive consequences for me to deal with once it's vileness was removed from my mouth in the form of a gang called 'Dry Socket'. We shall return to our normal programming this week.

Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Cleaning my Glass Stove Top

Have I ever mentioned how I HATE cleaning my stove top? Seriously, it's like, Darlin' clean up before it's a huge mess! Sometimes I do it too... We are busy people. We all are! So let me introduce you to ... My method of cleaning the Glass stove top...

Our Starting Line Up: Vinegar, Baking Soda, Borax, and A Stove Top Glass Polish.

Let's take a look at our inital field. While I would love to say that this was left this way purely for this blog. I can't say that, we've had sick kids and sick adults. Scratch that, let's go with that!

In the first Corner is Vinegar! She's one mean lady and she means business. She's gonna start this whole game off by picking off the little ones. She's there for 30 minutes just beating up those nasty looking things. She left the field looking like this...

Oh look, now comes the hard ball players here to help out our starter, Let's give a big warm welcome for Baking Soda and Borax. These two pull a BB combination trick on the burnt on mess. Here comes Vinegar, she's rolling through to give the BB combination a real kick! Don't worry folks the extra fizzing is just the energy that comes with this. It'll power through that stuff in no time! Enter in last minute stand in, SPONGE! Sponge helps the BB/Vinegar combo scrub down these areas.

With their power down and the mess gone... we bring in our last proponent, the Polish! This will help seal anything and give it that nice smooth finished look. Like this -

Thursday, March 03, 2011

My Acceptance Speech for the Best Loss of Sanity...

*waves and walks to the podium, gracefully tripping on the non-existent carpet - please ignore my facial twitch, it's rude to stare*

Thank you, Thank you dear ones. Oh it is so wonderful to be here amongst you all. It's always nice to be recognized by my colleagues with the same lack of sanity that I have.

I would first like to thank Adulthood for bringing me to this moment. Without your constant worries about bills, groceries, and my weight, I would be a sane normal person who would have no concept of the difference between living on a dime and living on the dollar. Nor would I understand what it means to have Thunder Thighs, or stretch marks the size of the grand canyon running across my rump.

I'd also like to thank my hormones, because without you, I wouldn't have the constant flux of emotions that keep my whole family on their toes! My children and husband will be well equipped for WWIII, because during certain parts of the month, their worlds are full of a constant eruption of splutters. They know how to use a fox hole now, They also know how to keep their mouths shut. My son will be well prepared for a relationship with a female, and my daughter will recognize most of the signs. I myself have learned how to avoid committing homicide. Also during these times, I have become acutely aware of the stupidity of the human race.

Though, We all know that without Motherhood - I would be just as able to adjust my responses to within normal limits. The constant lack of sleep, with the consistent work load increases, along with all the wonderful evenings spent being the depository for puke, piss, and crap ... along with a few bodily fluids I'm not really sure of. All these things left me with a wonderful way of looking at the world. I've learned that sanity is over rated, and some confusing imagination and creativity with a complete lack of true reality.

Thank you again dear ones... I'll make sure to save you a seat next to me at lunch in the Sanitarium. Kiss Kiss!

*waves and leaves with mic, muttering about how stupidly insane all of those people were*

Tuesday, March 01, 2011

It's all too fast...

You know... I had sick kids over the weekend. On top of that Tom gets to take a Albuterol Inhaler... I actually contemplated kicking him to his parents over the weekend and just putting up a sign that says: 'No cranky Sickies in the house'. Yeah, bet that would have went over well.

But here was the sad part of the weekend. I curled up with my baby boy.... he's not a baby anymore. He had trouble sleeping so I asked him to bring his blanket here and I'll rock him. He jumped for the chance. But it didn't ork out like it used to. He is almost too big for me to snuggle now. He's into 5t, but he's tallll... and he stretches all down my front and it was awkward to find a suitable position for him to lay in.

I can remember him being my velcro boy. Seriously, when he was a baby he'd just snuggle down in a ball and lay on your chest and just sit there all night. He was happy, he was comfy, and he was so sweet.

Now that he's almost annoying at times and I wonder what happened to that little child? He's sick and showing his rump and well, that means his rump gets shown where it needs to be. Please don't be all 'aw but he's sick'... If we're sick and at work... and our rumps show off, they get put right back in place, reguardless of what's going on. Work Ethics start here.

But he snuggled down and went to sleep peacefully. And I was weepy because I didn't want to realize how quickly this is all going by. My baby boy is no longer my 'baby boy'. He's growing up too fast, too quickly, and just... wow. *sigh*

Thursday, February 24, 2011

The Death of my Diet...


*nom nom nom*

It is sooooo good... I mean BAD! Yes yes... Bad is what I'm searching for.

Horrible Carmel deLite cookie! I must punish you for your diabolical assault on my diet and weight loss! Your punishment shall be your destruction!

*nom nom nom*

Ugh... I need to find a more... diet friendly punishment for these cookies. I'll perform CPR tomorrow.

I hate Shopping...

Seriously... Shopping bugs me. I doubt when I loose all the weight I want, I will like shopping then. Internet Browsing, yes I like that. Now, I be large... some might say my body simply expanded to fit in all my attitude. I did gain a lot of that after having kids. I attribute that to my birthing experience with Tori.

It wasn't bad, by any means. It was just when you are in the hospital for 30 hours, and everyone and their cousin is 'checking your dilation'... for those who don't know.... that's where they stick a hand up your hoo-hah and check how thinned and expanded the cervix is. I kinda got a little ... quirky after that.

But needless to say, shopping at my size sucks. Stores never carry my size, even my shoe size, which is an 11, is hard to find IN STORE. But online, you are still taking your chances. On top of that, 2 c-sections in a year later.... let's just say me naked isn't so pretty.

But I looove shopping for my kids. They're just the right size, they make such awesome clothes... I can even make pretty cute clothes cheap because it doesn't take a lot of fabric. So that's what I enjoy to shop for. Soon enough my daughter will shun what I buy and want what's cool. If what's cool ends up being like some of the popular styles of today.... well She can dress like that when she's MOVED OUT and I'm not paying her bills. Just sayin.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

It Canna take No Mor' Cap'n!

I love making Scones. Seriously! The obsession starts back when I was 9 or 10.

* Initiate Time Travel Tunes* .. seriously I think it was Pam Tillis and Rhett Akins at this time.

My Dad, who traveled while I grew up, told me that he absolutely loved Shortbread. His Grandma used to make Shortbread. (Stepping back to the present, the shortbread that my dad is referring to, is now discovered to truly be a type of sourdough biscuit, back to the story) so started my love of baking.

Dad was getting ready to go back to Wichita at this point, and I decided I was going to make him shortbread. Not only did my first shortbread cookies like... they were horrible. I also burnt them. But my Dad, like every father should, didn't just take a bite and tell me how good they were... he ate the whole cookie and took the rest with him. I suspect to save the rest of the household from having to eat them.

I wasn't an idiot, I knew they were kinda cruddy for a cookie. I would try and try again and again to make these cookies. EVERY TIME ... I sucked at it. I could bake cakes, muffins, and the like. I'd even master Rouxs. But it was like I was making these things with my feet when I made them.

Now, I was 23 when I made my first GOOD batch of Shortbread. I followed a Scottish Recipe that I found on a Livejournal group, Food Porn. The secret, 10 strokes and you're done.

I like to think that I'm Captain Kirk on Star Trek on these cooking excursions. And my dough/ingredients are Scotty. If I try to push the dough too much I can just hear Scotty telling me 'The Gluten Canna Take It No More, Cap'n!'. Which... honestly is appropriate since I do love the Scottish Baking Recipes.

So while I'm trying to get meself a Shortbread Pan... I master Scones in the same step. If you want the tenderest, melt in your mouth scones that beat any real store bought ones... Try a Scottish Scone Recipe. It's not as hard as you think! My absolute favorite recipe I got from World's Best Scones. When you master making these, You can adjust it however you want.

I have fresh blueberries, I think I'm going to add some Scones to my Chocolate Chip Cookie Muffies.

Thursday, February 17, 2011


So working on my Fat rumpus... we bought an elliptical. I just spent 2 - 8 minute sessions on it.

IT BURNS!!! I BURNS!!! The Demon of Fat Rump is fighting and biting and spitting it's venomous brimstone all over my muscles... I need to be exorcised of the demon ice cream and pasta. Leave the Demon of Bread, we have a good thing going.

* continues her rolling and moaning on the couch*

Dear God, make it stop... I'll let the kids use the round belly as a 'homemade' trampoline.... I swear I won't complain when Tom says that the rump is a double handful.

*pants and lays still for awhile*

Ohhh-kay... Mr. Elliptical, we have a date tomorrow. Bring your holy sweat and cleansing fire!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Peace and Rescue...

Saturday, we had a party, and while it was wonderful and... busy. It was really great. So on Sunday, I took the opportunity on Sunday for some peace of my mind. First thing on the agenda was the rescue of a treasured family heirloom.

This is a table made by my father, during the first year of marriage between him and Mom. Now this table is on temporary loan to me, but my mother states that she will be taking this back. but for now, I have it and am loving it. Still have some restoration to do to it, but it'll be awesome.

I also claimed sanity by pulling my non-napping daughter into the living room and cuddling on the couch with her... the results?

This was the best part of the day. She just slept there. It was great, until I realized I had forgotten to each lunch. It was the most peaceful day I can remember in awhile. On top of that, the weather was fabulous! Kicked the kids outside and they just ran their little tails off. I'm so totally ready for spring!

I have Iris bulbs getting ready to be planted, and first week of march, they're out the door and in the ground.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Crazy and Exploring the options that go with...

Date nights are always better with a Peach Margarita at 35% off because they are having a Weekly special on them. Yeah, It was lovely.

I am officially saying that I am crazy, bonkers, insane in the membrane (or menses, if you are so inclined - ALL women are!). So I'm thinking about a lot of things lately, and honestly last Friday, things REALLY crashed on me. Our vacation is cancelled, and while I wanted to buy the pretty prefabbed things for my garden area... yeah, that ain't happening anymore. So since it looks like the groundhog may have been right *crosses toes, legs, lips, eyes, and fingers.... ok uncrossing the last two, I am typing* You're going to start seeing renovation project updates on our little bit heaven. Though sometimes, I don't know about y'all... it's kinda rough here.

One of the first projects we will be working on is boxes for the plants. More specifically, prepping the area where we are moving my Ozark Everbearing Strawberry plants. We will also be setting it up where we will have two grapevines, and two blueberry bushes. At least that's the plan.

Also at some point this year, I will be installing a Cherry tree, a tree house, and two large squares of raised straw bale gardens. No, that is not a redundant statement. I am enclosing the straw bales in a raised platform for sitting so I can start small gardens this year. We also have two buildings to tear down, the Garage to fix, driveway to correct... and getting rid of some Rose of Sharon bushes. By and by, if you have any handy tips to rid yourself of these wonderful bushes. Please share. They sprout like ... rabbits almost.

I'm also looking at the couponing more closely now, since I look down and realize. These chicks, with the *OMG I PAID NOTHING for my GROCERIES thanks to *insert big anime sparkles* COUPONS?!* blogs.... they all live in large cities. Large cities with grocery stores that have totruly compete for their consumers. Unlike in little po-dunk towns like we live in, Heh... They'll cut you deals, but they aren't cutting their belts. Coupons help, mind you. Just not as much as I think.

Btw: This last pic, be my hubby enjoying his drink, Dos Equis!

Honey, It still tastes like urine to me. I just don't do beer.

It's a Circus! At least my Mental Images are!

So, the other morning, I'm waking up, and Tor comes in. The dogs came in begging to be let out to relieve their poor little bladders. I asked Tori to open the door and let the dogs out. She was grumpy and decided she didn't want to. So she knitted her fingers together, and essentially polished the door knob with them.

Being half awake, I trudge into the living room. I take one look at how she's trying to open the door, and realize what's happening. I hear her saying the door is stuck, no more 'I Can't's because well, Mommy doesn't allow those words in my house. After watching this performance for five minutes, I realize one thing. She's just going to keep doing this balderdash until I do it myself.

So when I get them out, I look at Tori and I tell her that I'm disappointed that you did that. She looks at me with her eyes welling with tears at these words. I was worried. I spent all morning pondering what this might mean for her future.

So I immediately imagine myself, standing on plank, which is balancing on a ball. And in my arms, the squirming ever changing child constantly throwing me off balance as I try to straighten her up to what she should be.

When I look at this image, It really hits home. Is my daughter going to be one of those people who will constantly seek everyone's approval. Will she take it hard when the bully says she doesn't like her? Have I created a horrible person?

I roll this around and around in my head... until finally my mental image of me crashes to the ground, cradling the mental Tori as I hit the ground with a swift painful woosh of air escaping. My daughter sits up on my chest and looks down at me smiling... 'You're Silly Mommy'.

And it's true. My daughter does stand up for herself. She enjoys her own thing, and doesn't let anyone stop her... unless it's her elders pointing out that it's kinda dangerous. She even argues with her family members to make her point clear. She stands up to bullies. She's even told one that if they keep being mean, they'll never get married.

Which makes me think, my Hubby and I have done something right if she thinks that getting married is such a great thing to achieve. .... As long as she graduates college first.

Tuesday, February 08, 2011

I'm sorry.... It's a hard thing to say.

The other night, my son was playing rough with my Mom. For those of you who aren't familiar with the typical Child playing Formula, here you go:

Happy Child x Excitement x Sparring Partner x Tickles = Injuries!!

Suffice it to say, Mom got a good Nose bump (no blood, thankfully), and Ian got a knotty noggin. So, like all good Moms, I tell Ian and Mom to apologize to each other... Now let me clarify.

I am not an 'I'm sorry' will cut it kind of Mom. I believe a child's first real lesson in responsibility occurs in these moments when a child has injured another. Teaching them to make a proper apology, not just saying "I'm sorry", but clarifying why they are sorry. As in... "I'm sorry Mom that I broke your $60 China Plate that is REALLY hard to find"... Ok maybe not that specific, but at least 'I'm sorry I broke the plate'. Even for accidents.

I don't want my kids to go through life like some I know, people who look at you and say It was an accident. ... Yes bub, I know it was an accident you rear-ended me, but you still have to pay the piper... or my repairman in this case.

My daughter took awhile to really slam this lesson home for her. My son... I swear he's part Mule. ... No comments from my friend's pointing how stubborn I am, my blog, shh.

Going back to why we are writing this in the first place - Ian wasn't going to apologize. Instead, He took off running when we pointed out that giggling when Memaw's eyes were welling wasn't funny. After we retrieved him from his room - he was completely focused on his knotted noggin, that it must be all her fault. So Mom tries talking to him. He starts to cry, bawl, basically 'Memaw Lecture Neutralizer v3'. I had to intervene. So we try just calmly explaining that he needs to apologize too because he hit Memaw as well. That doesn't work.

Said son turns from Mule, to Stonewall Jackson. That's ok... I'm John Pope... or.. Jonita? So, while I put Ian in sit down time, I endure glares from my Mom, who might I add is still working on her Immunity from MLNv3. I explained to her several times, you did this to me HOW MANY TIMES?

Finally Mom leaves because Ian is still Stonewalling me. Finally he breaks down in sobs after realizing that Memaw is gone. So we sit down and talk. I asked him why he was in trouble.'I hit Memaw'. Well Ian, that wasn't nice, but that's not why you are in trouble. You wouldn't apologize. So we talked about it, in four-year old language by the way. We even brushed over responsibility for your actions.

In the end, he said he wanted to apologize to Memaw. So I call Memaw on the phone... He was silent the whole time. Just teared and sniffled. Also it was really late so I said he needed to go to bed and I loved him.

By the way - before you start. Even Pope lost troops, and I won this battle by at least getting the message of responsibility across. Be sure that Stonewall and Pope shall meet again!

Sunday, February 06, 2011

It's a Taco... It's Chili... It's... WTH?!

So last night, while the kids were out with Mary building their Snowwoman, I was making a pot of Chili... Well kinda. I started making a pot of chili, and when I went to get the handy McCormick Seasonings I keep about, it hit me.

I forgot to buy Chili Seasoning!

So here I stand, this massive pot of would be chili staring at me bubbling slightly like, HELLO You forget something. So I look about in desperation, what DO I have? Cheesy Taco... Cheesy Taco... American Burger... Cheesy Taco... Pot Roast... Cheesy Taco... Cheesy Taco. Hrmm... I think I have enough Cheesy Taco to use two packets.

Then I stand there looking at it pondering. Something seems to be missing. It's thick. So... Lets add some Cut up Tortilla bits, I've always wanted to try that. *Plop Plop Plop* Smells weird, better let it boil and bubble for a bit, any true witches brew needs too.

Low and behold, it's done.. ish. I'm not sure, I need an unsuspecting subject, who is innocent enough and acclimated to my off the hook cooking they would at least try it. Ah ha! Till Death do you part... Well, not with this stuff. Maybe it'll be 'Till Toilet Doth Call' after he eats it.

Low and behold, I serve him a bowl. 'Try it.'. He looks at me suspiciously and takes a tentative bite. Chews... swallows... ponders. ... ... ... Then proceeds to shove the rest down like it's his last meal before the firing squad.

Don't get me wrong, I had 3 bowls myself, and I'm working on leftovers today! It's nomish. It's great... and no toilet callers!

Saturday, February 05, 2011

Snow Person!

So... Because my Aunt Mary is awesome. She came by while I was cleaning and helped the kids make this Snow person! She has Oreo's for eyes, a twizzler for a mouth... and a baby carrot for a nose, because I didn't have any full carrots. I think it's highly cute.

And because the dog wanted to get in on the photo action! That's Rosie, she's Basset Hound and we think a collie mix. :)

Kicking Stove Top Butt!

While today, I work on the house in bits and pieces, I think there is something to be grateful for... number one, my children's ability to scuffle and fight. They make messes, tattle, stand with their noses 3 inches from the plasma tv, and.... I'm grateful.

I have a friend who is going through a rough time with her youngest child, and I can't even begin to think about how or what I would do if this was me. I'm just praying for her, so my few readers, will you pray for her family as well? They could use a little assistance.

Right now, I am looking at my stove top though in immense satisfaction. Well... at least half of it, I'm still kicking the other half's rump. I've activated super Mom Powers and am working though this stove top with Lemon Juice, Baking Soda, and Cream of Tarter. Oh yeah.

I'm also no longer broadcasting on the internet radio, I haven't in awhile, but at some point, when things kind of settle out, and I've figured out what I need to do... I'll go again. This week has been horrid, I'm sick, and it was a blizzard week, and just ... ugh!

We've made two concrete plans this past week though. Over Memorial Day, Our little family is going to go join Chrisna's and visit Michigan, and Chicago since we will be going through it! So as we review plans and get to that point, keep us in mind if you have any suggestions!

The other major plan, is Tom and I are going to work outside our home... as in our yard. We already work outside the home to make some strange green thing they call money. We don't really know, we never actually get to see it because these white things called Bills always come along at the SAME time. We're going to do Straw Bale Gardening, and Put in some Flowers, Also move the Ozark Strawberry Patch, get a Blueberry bush or three, and start a Grape Vine. So Pictures will be around at that point.

Ok.... Scattered post done.... Please do pray for my friend's and their child at this time.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Couponing - it's a big thing!

So - I am working on our lovely budget this year, we have big goals - Reducing our Debt significantly by the time *I* am 30 - which is in 3 years. So we are now looking at things differently than we have before.

Couponing is the newest addition to my crazy lifestyle. I'm a mad couponer now. Printable coupons are the best. Why did I not discover this before? I might have to admit being slightly stuck up, and think it was more work than it was worth - not so!

On top of this, I got an iPod Touch 4th Gen *squee!* for my 27th Birthday. I am loving the application 'Grocery IQ'. It's ran by, but this has to be the MOST awesomest grocery shopping application EVAR.

Ok ok... seriously. It sorts the items by aisle, and you can change the aisle they are in, just in case YOUR store is... quirky. And when you collect said item, you check it off your list. BUT - this is why it's great - when you check it off, it removes it from the list, to the check out. So you aren't missing little things in between the list and having to go back another time, and potentially another time after that... meaning more impulse buys.

But this is the other thing I love about it. It's got a price holder on it. I can actually track how much what I bought cost, and what I need to remember when planning out grocery trips again.

Yep... I'm soooo easily amused... isn't it sad?