Tuesday, June 15, 2010

A Challenge for Succotashers!

So here's the Deal with my Radio Show this week:

In a coming post (uploading archive as I type), this weeks Succotash was presented with a challenge or game for the folks at home!

I need you guys to come up with something Romantic that you would put on a slip of paper inside a fortune cookie. It has to fit on a strip 4 inches long, by half an inch wide. The person with the best Romantic Fortune Cookie Insert gets a 5 song set in my show next week!

You can leave Comments or Tweet them to @Angelofmysoul on twitter. Please do so in a hurry! :) Let's see how many we can get tuned in!

So listen to Succotash @ 7p.m. Eastern on MojoRadio.us!
(enter link: http://www.mojoradio.us:9090 in your Media Player!)