Friday, October 28, 2011

New Look!

I'm fiddling around with the Blog look and layout a little. The picture used at the present time is from Daniel Hambleton. He's our friend from college and took a lot of wonderful pictures that I have loved. This is one of them.

I've also changed the name of the blog. Vive Diu Cum Passione. It's Lation for 'Live Long with Passion'. My new motto. And No. I'm not referring to a fiery inferno of passion that engulfs and ultimately destroys things. I'm talking a nurturing interest that defines the adult version of Passion.

I am passionate about my children, so I go to great lengths to involve myself in their lives and enjoy them.

I am passionate about my spouse, so I will encourage, love, and nurture his needs.

I am passionate about cooking. So I will strive to be the best that I can be and to learn new things.

I am passionate about myself. So I will strive to endure my hardships with grace, My disappointments with dignity, treat my mind like a treasure cove, and my body like the finest of orchids. I could say temple... but let's face it... even temples settle awkwardly after a long period of time.

But needless to say.. Passion. I want to be truly passionate.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

To the Thief who broke into my home...

Dear Sir. Yes, we know you're a guy. I am writing you this little note to express not only my displeasure with your actions against my family, my time, and my small joys, but I'm also wish to express my deepest sympathies for the recent death of your self respect and your ability to be self reliant. I know you must be grieving this loss, or in the simple shock and denial that it is in fact expired, and a part of your history.

Yes Sir, I understand that times are tough, and that jobs are few. But that doesn't mean that jobs aren't available, nor that jobs cannot be taken to make ends meet that are merely temporary. You sir, have taken to stealing other people's possessions, and probably some of the precious memories they had. For instance, you stole my iPod to which I hadn't yet downloaded the videos and pictures of a dear friend visiting that we hadn't seen since our marriage ceremony. How sad that in order to feel better about yourself, you had to take that from me.

You are void of any true self respect, because how else could you justify taking my things, my cherished memories and just treating them like the gravel beneath your feet. That Gravel is the start and main component of the concrete in my life. I resent that you took that from me. But I pity you since you apparently lack that component in yours and felt the need to steal mine.

I wish to warn you of this lifestyle you choose, in the end you will find yourself hollow and without substance. You will look at people you wish to befriend some day and realize that you have not only wronged them, but made them insecure and fearful, essentially viewing the lifestyle you've chosen as monstrous. This in turn will start to make you feel extremely self conscious to the point your friendships will be thin as water, and just as quick to disappear.. let's not even talk about how this affects a healthy relationship between lovers.

I hope you can and will turn around from this path. I pray that the acid of your choices can still be neutralized so you can one day feel better about yourself. I hope you find peace, and that someone, somewhere shows you kindness and compassion. Because God knows... you aren't showing it to yourself.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Long Time, No Blog

Well, it has been quite a while since I've updated this hootus. Recently, we had a friend come down to visit with us. He's been out of the country for awhile, and honestly, we missed him.

I dug out my southern roots, and honeys - He left weighing probably 5 pounds more. He arrived Friday evening to a Chicken and Dumplings. I only make Drop dumplings. I love the texture that comes from eating a good, thick, dumpling. Whenever I eat a rolled out Dumpling, while good, it often reminds me of eating a pasta, rather than dumpling. Our dumpling recipe is high on Egg content, which allows for enough protein to make a meaty dumpling that is filling.

For dessert - Chocolate Brownie ice cream with this decadent Brownie Pudding. It's a simple recipe that offers big impact considering what you use. The best part about this recipe is the fact of how it's made. You basically apply a paste to a greased pan. The trick however - is getting the watery topping on. I suggest using a large spoon and pouring into that spoon slowly and letting it hit the sides of your pan. What happens is, the liquid will sink to the bottom creating essentially a rich fudge sauce, and the brownie will cook and float on the top.

In the morning, I made overnight waffles. Unfortunately, the yeast didn't proof so they were heavy, but still yummy. Served with maple syrup and or Nutella.

Our final meal was a homemade Pizza, Pepperoni with Mozzerella and a three cheese blend. The sauce was made from scratch, and the crust was brushed in butter and topped with a garlic herb blend and a splattering of Kosher salt.

Well satisfied ladies and gents... very well satisfied!