Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Flat Kidlets: Kuha Cousins show us their beliefs and a ceremony... and lets us help with BBQ!

Per Dawn:

Flat Tori helped ayress set up the left side of our Esbat altar. The Esbat today was to celebrate another full moon has cycled and to give offering and blessings. Usually there would have been a silver pillar candle representing our Goddess Ashera on this side but opps silly me i ran out. Tori was very understanding though

Helping to set up!
 Ian helped Amy set up the right side of our Esbat altar. The full moon ritual of celebratibg, blessings and offerings for us this month. He was also very understanding that i ran out of the gold pillar candle representing our God on this side.

Ian helping to set up the ceremony.
They learned how we offer different kinds of food as thanks for what we have been given. They also saw how we do a milk and hunny blessing for our garden the pore the milk and hunny over our yard as a blessing. They learned today though we share some similarities with wiccans we are simply pagan because we incorporate religious beliefs and practices from religions pre wicca. They where such curious lil troopers.

The Ceremony Table is complete!

Flat kids enjoyed a amazing memorial day bbq. Then all the kids learned how grateful we are to the heros who help give us safety and freedom. This includes the many friends we lost in Iraq and Afghanistan. Count your blessings kiddos. They are worth it.

BBQ and learning more about Memorial Day!

Flat Kidlets: Aunt Silla in the Garden!

From Aunt Silla: Today my flat people and I picked strawberries and mads strawberry preserves and soberly. We also planted a pineapple and planted sweet potatoes.

Picking Strawberries!
Our haul!
Making Preserves!
A trip to the Hardware Store!
Planting a Pineapple! Yum!

Flat People: The Mulero's

Some of Momma's friends took us to Puerto Rico!

From Mrs. Sarah - "Bienvenidos flat niƱos a Puerto Rico!"

Puerto Rico!!

Friday, May 24, 2013

Flat Kidlets - Kuha Cousins!

We also are with our cousins: Amy, Mia, Ayress, and Sierra

Per Dawn: "The girls ( amy , mia , ayress , and sierra) decided to show their cousins Ian and Tori some of the pretty flowers in the garden today. So many are blooming and growing beautifully in rainy Oregon."
Here we are with their lilies!

Per Dawn: "The Rhododendron grows every where here. I hope they liked all the pretty colors."
The Rhododendrons!
 We loved the flowers! Thank you for showing us! We're excited to see more!

Flat Kiddlets - A week with Aunt Silla!

The Flat Kidlets started their week helping Aunt Silla out on Hall Duty at the school she works for.
Helping Aunt Silla with Hall Duty

The next day, they helped her students with their lunches and visited the School's Bird Museum!
Helping the students out with eating lunch!

Visiting the Bird Museum

The next day, they helped her on the farm checking fences and checking on the cows, they even got stuck in the dirt helping her plant some things!

We got stuck in the mud when we were planting!

Looking at fences, we got to see the cows!

From Aunt Silla: "Today my little flat people and I worked hard in the garden, we picked asparagus, and rhubarb. Then Canned it they also visited with my grandma while I mowed the yard."
Flat Tori & Ian with the Asparagus
Flat Tori & Ian in the Rhubarb Patch
Canned Goodness!

Keeping Grandma company!
 Until Next Time!

Monday, May 20, 2013

Flat Kidlets: Aunt Silla 1

Flat Tori & Ian have arrived at Aunt Silla's! She took a picture of them waiting on her couch while she finished making supper!

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Flat Kidlets!

You know it's summer time now. Tonight we have our last event for Tori's Dance class, and then - POOF - ... It's instant Summer Goodness.

Granted - my kids are having to do overtime this summer working on school work to beef up their stuff. They'll have swim lessons, but they wanted something else.

.... The Flat Stanley Project ....

A friend of mine, Amanda Mack over at The Grateful Stead did this project with her kiddos. So now we are going to do it just for the fun of it.

I decided to do it a bit differently, because I really wanted them to have a real experience of that's me! So we actually did photographs of them, and I Photoshopped the background out. Then we printed off multiple copies and cut them out, laminated them, and cut them out again.

We have our own little letter that explains it, and encourages people to keep them. This way, there is multiple things going, and the kids should always have something to see. I'll post entries from our friends when we start getting them back here!

So thanks for listening! Happy Summer time!

Sunday, March 24, 2013

I remember...

Today I went to church, and it was wonderful. The choir had an awesome program, and then the pastor came up to speak. And he requested that the congregation sing 'The Old Rugged Cross'.

My grandma loves that song, and I can remember curling up and listening to her sing it. She'd sing it while she was painting, and I just.. Wow.

Gran can't really sing anymore, and she's so much older and of course has her moments. But I miss being that little girl who curled up and listened to Grandma sing the old hymns. It just struck me today. That's all.

Have a happy Easter week, y'all!