Friday, May 24, 2013

Flat Kiddlets - A week with Aunt Silla!

The Flat Kidlets started their week helping Aunt Silla out on Hall Duty at the school she works for.
Helping Aunt Silla with Hall Duty

The next day, they helped her students with their lunches and visited the School's Bird Museum!
Helping the students out with eating lunch!

Visiting the Bird Museum

The next day, they helped her on the farm checking fences and checking on the cows, they even got stuck in the dirt helping her plant some things!

We got stuck in the mud when we were planting!

Looking at fences, we got to see the cows!

From Aunt Silla: "Today my little flat people and I worked hard in the garden, we picked asparagus, and rhubarb. Then Canned it they also visited with my grandma while I mowed the yard."
Flat Tori & Ian with the Asparagus
Flat Tori & Ian in the Rhubarb Patch
Canned Goodness!

Keeping Grandma company!
 Until Next Time!

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