Saturday, January 22, 2011

Couponing - it's a big thing!

So - I am working on our lovely budget this year, we have big goals - Reducing our Debt significantly by the time *I* am 30 - which is in 3 years. So we are now looking at things differently than we have before.

Couponing is the newest addition to my crazy lifestyle. I'm a mad couponer now. Printable coupons are the best. Why did I not discover this before? I might have to admit being slightly stuck up, and think it was more work than it was worth - not so!

On top of this, I got an iPod Touch 4th Gen *squee!* for my 27th Birthday. I am loving the application 'Grocery IQ'. It's ran by, but this has to be the MOST awesomest grocery shopping application EVAR.

Ok ok... seriously. It sorts the items by aisle, and you can change the aisle they are in, just in case YOUR store is... quirky. And when you collect said item, you check it off your list. BUT - this is why it's great - when you check it off, it removes it from the list, to the check out. So you aren't missing little things in between the list and having to go back another time, and potentially another time after that... meaning more impulse buys.

But this is the other thing I love about it. It's got a price holder on it. I can actually track how much what I bought cost, and what I need to remember when planning out grocery trips again.

Yep... I'm soooo easily amused... isn't it sad?