Sunday, February 08, 2009

Need to have a plan?

I totally agree! I need a plan for my day so I actually accomplish things! Right now I have a few irons in the fire, and my in-laws coming.

My DH and I are redoing our living room/kitchen/hallway. At the same time we are having a flooring company come in and install linoleum throughout the house, except for tile in the bathrooms. Lots of projects along with my husband and I's schooling and two small children.

So in classic fashion, I'm putting up my list to accomplish and will post notes on how that worked for me during the day. This is my effort to find an order that works for me.

Monday's To-Do List:
  • Get up/Take Thyroid
  • Shower get ready for work
  • Take Blood Pressure Medication
  • Get kids up and dressed/possibly bathe if Tom didn't
  • Go to work - Tom can take kids this morning
  • Work
  • In work parking lot install the kids' booster seats in Jeep
  • Grocery Shop (list will be ready by end of work)
  • Pick up kiddos
  • Take Cardboard to Recycling Center
  • Get kids inside with Groceries
  • Make Supper
  • Wake up Tom
  • Feed Kids
  • Work on mirrored wall of living room: Take down all the extra boards, tape and joint compund where needed
  • Paint Base Coat on and around Door
  • Confirm Date and Pricing for Flooring with Tom and deal with that.
  • Get kids ready for bed, Bathe them
  • Do a load of laundry
  • Class Chat for Economics at 8p
  • Work on DB

Monday, February 02, 2009

My discovery of RSS Feeds

I realize that I am part of a generation that is heavily into technology. I am slowly lagging in that department thanks to the birth of two kids. But I am having a ball discovering the RSS feed for my favorite blogs, websites, and comics. No need to search the web, it's all at my fingertips!

I currently subscribe to:
- A Mom's Notes (My Blog)
- The White House Blog
- 9 Chickweed Lane (Comic)
- Brevity (Comic)
- Rose is Rose (Comic)
- Pearls before Swine (Comic)
- Speed Bump (Comic)
- Minimal Security (Comic) (For DH)
- Frazz (Comic)
- Get Fuzzy (Comic)
- B.C. (Comic)
- State of the Union (Comic)
- Handprints on the Wall

I'm still looking for things that will apply to my ideas. If there are any ideas you have that you would like to share as to what to subscribe to, let me know! I'm still looking and I'm enjoying this RSS Feed!

Sunday, February 01, 2009

My DS... Isn't he cute?

My DS... Isn't he cute?

Seeking that Balance...

I am coming to the conclusion that there is no balance between three things. I am a mother/wife, a worker, and a student. I can't find that balance without letting one slide. So I am exploring other options on how to seek a balance. Unfortunately, there isn't one.

When I google the phrase 'seeking balance' you get an array of items. This list includes Balance in Psychology, Balance in Farming, even a website with one blog on it. But nothing on the first page seems to be something helpful or wanted for my search. So I've kept searching.

My first idea is that my husband (DH) needs to help me work the balance of our lives. It worked the first time I was in school, and he wasn't. Now he is also pursuing his education, and while I support that, I'm beginning to discover there just isn't enough of DH and I to go around.

Our home life is somewhat simple. Our children are eleven months apart. Our Son (DS) is 2, and our Daughter (DD) is 3. They both just celebrated their birthdays. While I can't doubt the craziness of our holiday period (Thanksgiving - The beginning of February), I often wonder why do I do so much in one period. I think I'm going to declare my birthday is now in July. Be it that my birthday is in January, I always wanted a summer birthday. I could actually have people over, wouldn't be worring about snow or the cold. I could turn the kids loose and not worry about them invading a party.

That would be nice, but it still wouldn't provide any type of balance to my home. I am just going to have to work through all of this, along with the activities I accomplish with my kids. I hope things will balance out in the end, at this point I feel much to htin to be doing all of this.