Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Apple Pie Cinnamon Rolls

These were a real hit. I was unsure how they would turn out, but they are nummy! *grin*

I used my favorite, and somewhat broken now, Betty Crocker Cook Book. It's even a pink version for the breast cancer. I got it for our wedding back in 2005. Anyways, in it, there is a recipe for Cinnamon Rolls and various substitutions for it. One was just apple filling.

So guess what I played with on Sunday, despite being sick? Perfecting this recipe. So I adjusted it, you start off with your basic yeast dough. Melting the butter (1/3 c), milk (1 c), sugar (1/2), and salt (1/2 tsp) in a pan so it's heated and then mixing the Yeast packet with Flour (2 1/4 c) and 3 large eggs.

When it's well blended mix in 2 more cups of flour, turn it out and kneed in up to 5 cups. Put it in an oiled bowl and turn it. Then cover and rest.

I chopped up some Granny Smith Apples. I used three small apples chopped them up about quarter inch so they wouldn't take up the whole cinnamon roll. then I made a spread of Butter, Cinnamon, and Nutmeg that I covered the inside with, I also added a bit of Sugar because the Granny's have just a bit of bite to them.

Then you cut the dough in half when it's risen, cover and let rest 10 minutes. Roll out to about 12 x 8 inches and assemble. Spread the butter mix on, cover with apple bits and roll. Let them rest 30 minutes and then bake at 375 for 25 minutes.

I topped them with a Cinnamon Vanilla Glaze. And they were yum.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Their first Fishes!

So Wednesday last week, the kids and I went up to my Mom's and we went fishing. More correctly, Mom and the kids fished, Uncle Mike (my brother), and two of the neighborhood kids, Kenny & Jimmy, were there to help the kids take their fishes off the line.

Honestly, I don't fish. I don't like the slimy texture, and if I can't take the fish off the line, I'm not torturing the poor thing. But the kids are young enough to start fishing, and boy do they love it. They caught 6 or 7 fish between the two of them, and their first fishes are well documented. I'm not even sure what kind of fish they caught. I think it was a carp, but they are doing well and love to fish. I might get into fishing again. These are the things my children love. To be outside, and doing something. I think next weekend, we're going to start our gardening project next week.

We're behind, I got knocked on my rear this weekend. I must put a request out to all those lovely trees in my area. Could you please, learn to fornicate in more private ways rather than this public nuisance that is pollen, and subsequently a massive sinus infection for me? Thanks.

,~* Their First Fishes *~,

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

I never want to repeat that life experience...

It's not that I don't want to go to the Circus again. Oh No! I loved the Circus. Recently the Kelly Miller Circus came to our small town to grace us with a spectacular performance that I hope they repeat next year! It was wonderful and fantastic. Amusing, beguiling, stunning, shocking, and we had the best seats in the house!

There was a gentleman who had a special act in the beginning where he literally walked through ropes on the ceiling... upside down. He did flips in the air on these loops, and looked right down at my children and acknowledged them. Literally above our heads!

No, the experience I don't want to repeat is the Elephant ride. I could post the picture of the kids and I on this gentle giant, but I will spare all of you the horrific view of my... ample posterior. It was perfectly safe, keep that in mind. I just wasn't so keen on the height, the constant shifting of the elephants hips beneath my own rump, and the sinking feeling that regardless of how much like rubber my rear resembles, if I fall off, I know the bouncing quality of rubber will be lacking greatly.

The kids on the other hand, jeered and giggled. They truly enjoyed the experience, granted, I was holding on to the bar for dear life, and them too. They ran to their Grandma and told her how wonderful it was to be so high! Unfortunately when they looked at me, it was a tentative smile and nod. And with an understanding grin from my mother in law I whispered, 'I have never been so happy to be on the ground!'

Monday, April 11, 2011

Wedding Bells...

Over this past weekend, my family partook in a wonderful and most beautiful event... the marriage of a pair of friend's of ours, Katy & Luke. They are a wonderful couple and deserve the best that their love and devotion to each other can create!

But, as always there are little things that happen in weddings, and some prove how gullible that children really are. I share with you, the detriment one bridesmaid did to my poor son, the ring bearer.

So I'm standing here trying to organize these little things in order to make sure we are good before we trek down to the wooded wedding chapel. The flower girl's basket, check. One, two, three bouquets, Check. Ring Pillow, Check. Rings for Ring Pillow.... Negative. Quick thinking reminded me that Tom wears three rings. All of these rings symbolize a stage in our relationship, but only one is actually worth more than two nickels rubbed together. I asked him to 'loan' his paste rings to the ceremony pillow just for show. He agrees and then, while I'm tying these two items to the pillow... Lissie talks to Ian.

'Now Ian, if you drop those rings, Mommy and Daddy won't be married anymore!'. ... ... ... He took her very seriously on this topic. He spent the whole time refusing to hold on to the actual pillow. But instead, walks his little self down the aisle, after being reminded that you have to walk down it, and cannot simple skate around the outside of the pavilion to where you need to stand, holding on to the rings tightly clutched in his little hand. And that is where his little hand stayed until we removed Daddy's rings from the pillow.

Poor child. I must teach him not to listen to Lissie.

**Side Note: Do check out the bottom, there are two pictures of my precious children dressed up for their respective positions in the wedding.

Tuesday, April 05, 2011


I'm a mean mom. It's been so warm this weekend, and I am so trying to just Catch up to myself that I've kicked my kids out over this past weekend.

They wanted to come back in, Mommy we want to play with the toys. No. You must be outside, out of my hair so I can clean house. Stay where I can see you. *watch the pouting faces leave the door way*... Also note that 5 minutes after this conversation they are building forts with my lawn furniture and playing some game that I have no understanding of, or if they really understand what they are doing.

So... I did put laundry out on the line... after I put up two. One for blankets and the like... the other is for our normal laundry. I'm hot, exhausted and dangit... Mommy wants to go to ... not Vegas, but maybe Canada? LOL... Something cold please. But My wish will be granted this evening when it drops from the upper 70's low 80's all the way down to the 50s - 40s.

In the mean time. Have fun!