Saturday, May 18, 2013

Flat Kidlets!

You know it's summer time now. Tonight we have our last event for Tori's Dance class, and then - POOF - ... It's instant Summer Goodness.

Granted - my kids are having to do overtime this summer working on school work to beef up their stuff. They'll have swim lessons, but they wanted something else.

.... The Flat Stanley Project ....

A friend of mine, Amanda Mack over at The Grateful Stead did this project with her kiddos. So now we are going to do it just for the fun of it.

I decided to do it a bit differently, because I really wanted them to have a real experience of that's me! So we actually did photographs of them, and I Photoshopped the background out. Then we printed off multiple copies and cut them out, laminated them, and cut them out again.

We have our own little letter that explains it, and encourages people to keep them. This way, there is multiple things going, and the kids should always have something to see. I'll post entries from our friends when we start getting them back here!

So thanks for listening! Happy Summer time!

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