Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Flat Kidlets: Kuha Cousins show us their beliefs and a ceremony... and lets us help with BBQ!

Per Dawn:

Flat Tori helped ayress set up the left side of our Esbat altar. The Esbat today was to celebrate another full moon has cycled and to give offering and blessings. Usually there would have been a silver pillar candle representing our Goddess Ashera on this side but opps silly me i ran out. Tori was very understanding though

Helping to set up!
 Ian helped Amy set up the right side of our Esbat altar. The full moon ritual of celebratibg, blessings and offerings for us this month. He was also very understanding that i ran out of the gold pillar candle representing our God on this side.

Ian helping to set up the ceremony.
They learned how we offer different kinds of food as thanks for what we have been given. They also saw how we do a milk and hunny blessing for our garden the pore the milk and hunny over our yard as a blessing. They learned today though we share some similarities with wiccans we are simply pagan because we incorporate religious beliefs and practices from religions pre wicca. They where such curious lil troopers.

The Ceremony Table is complete!

Flat kids enjoyed a amazing memorial day bbq. Then all the kids learned how grateful we are to the heros who help give us safety and freedom. This includes the many friends we lost in Iraq and Afghanistan. Count your blessings kiddos. They are worth it.

BBQ and learning more about Memorial Day!

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