Friday, May 24, 2013

Flat Kidlets - Kuha Cousins!

We also are with our cousins: Amy, Mia, Ayress, and Sierra

Per Dawn: "The girls ( amy , mia , ayress , and sierra) decided to show their cousins Ian and Tori some of the pretty flowers in the garden today. So many are blooming and growing beautifully in rainy Oregon."
Here we are with their lilies!

Per Dawn: "The Rhododendron grows every where here. I hope they liked all the pretty colors."
The Rhododendrons!
 We loved the flowers! Thank you for showing us! We're excited to see more!


  1. We are so glad you loved the flowers. Lol there will be more. They bloom all over and through out the season here. :) your cousins

  2. I didn't realize you were doing the Flat Stanley project too! How did I miss that? So awesome! Thanks for emailing me the link. I'm sure you probably told me at some point and I just spaced on it. I know we're pretty local, but the kids would be happy to host if their flat alter egos ever want to come spend time on the farm.

    1. We can do that! :) I'm just trying to get a lot of things done here, along with the writing. I'm sorry I'm kinda spacy - I have more to post here, and I'm just slow about it!