Sunday, November 27, 2011

Always in motion... Always changing...

So... the coloring I had was a little... morose. I wasn't feeling it. So we are trying something light with a splash of color. What do you think? I also took away my 'Updates on Tuesday's and Thursday's'.

I'm being honest, I haven't been the most dependable blogger. I'm working on trying to get better at that, so without the dead lines, maybe it will be more natural for me to write... and you to read.

So the other thing I changed? It was thanksgiving, and let me tell you - I cooked up the most succulent and moist turkey I think I have ever tried! You can check out the method on (The Perfect Turkey). I will admit, When I got to the whole, 'Flipping the bird over in a hot oven with the potential of flying boiling juices'.... I got a little nervous. It took me some thinking to figure out HOW to do it.. which by the way, a set of the two prong wide set tines that come with MOST turkey carving kits, work just fine. I do however encourage you to remember - DO NOT have anything else in your oven with this bird at the time you need to do the flip-flop and butter. You will need every bit of space you can to flip it.

Other than that, I've kept life pretty boring. My MIL is currently looking at my sewing machine trying to help ME figure out how it works. So that is my next mission.... well. *looks at sleeping husband* maybe not my absolute next mission. *grin*

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  1. LOL The theme is very much you and I am liking it. The writing, also very much you and always puts a smile on my face. You, Miss Missy, Have talent.