Sunday, November 13, 2016

The Cat Army has Arrived

Yesterday, we moved in the outside cats as it was getting colder. The younger kittens were a little shyer about human interaction, but they have warmed up. Apparently Dirty Harry has taken a liking to me, and licks me incessantly.

I also have the best boy. Rachet (I also refer to him as Racheteen) is my onery and very demanding buddy. God love him. Ha ha ha! He has kept me up yesterday night and then decided that typing this blog is not what he had in mind once the kids went to bed. He has explored my lamp, and is now investigating my make-up mirror.

On other news, I screwed up with dieting this weekend. Its' been a long weekend and I am just glad to be making a forward movement. I did drink a lot of tea this weekend. I need to start keeping more Healthy snacks for my munchies when I am home. That seems to be my weak spot. I'm home and I get in a mental routine of I'm gonna munch and crunch my way through all this stuff.

All I know, emotionally it was a trying weekend. I have been contemplating a lot of internal decisions and feelings on several matters. Lots on the brain plate as it were.

I also got my living room reclaimed so I can do my workouts in there. Props to me!

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