Saturday, November 19, 2016

Exercise!... Good for the soul... Bad for my thighs...

Laws... So this evening, after emptying out the Freezer-that-was, as well as chasing coos, (cows) from the gate as we eviscerated the... freezers guts. I got very good at closing my own nose off and mouth breathing. I decided today is just the day I needed to start my own shenanigans...

This means, I did Giddy Up from Country Heat. It's not the newest, but a newer program from BeachBody. Country Line Dancing... Though I am sure if you looked at my window as you drove by, I probably resembled a drunken squirrel trying to climb a tree.

But I digress, I enjoy it, and feel the burn. My thighs are quivering, even from the dance Modifications (You know, the different way of doing things for people who are like me and I don't move like a rubber band... more like... a rusty tin man).

It's not that it's hard, it isn't. It's not that it isn't fun, otherwise I would NOT have owned the Drunken Squirrel resemblance. It's that it makes you move, simply, but steadily. The Steady pace is key - It doesn't wind you as bad, and it makes it easier to adapt to what you need to do.

Fun part? I shook my booty, a lot... more than I should have probably. My child walked in my room, watched and then shrunk off in shame at her Momma shaking her booty.

So not only did I win by Exercising... I won by embarrassing my daughter. Ha!

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