Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Time to kick it in the rear...

Because life is apparently getting out of hand...

I haven't updated my blog in quite some time. But honestly, We've been pretty busy. Right now I have several goals, and I'm just... going to list it out and be honest. 

Goal One:

Loose the weight... To be accomplished by eating healthier and exercising. But I also need to control my emotional eating. Here's where you come in, I'm going to write this out. You know, kind of like the song, "Shake It Off"... but no shaking involved. You can just read this or just let it be. You don't even have to comment. Because I'm going to do this... for me.

Goal Two:

Get my health back on track... Right now - My health is all kinds of screwed up. My blood pressure is under control, and so is my blood sugars. However, at this moment I've got to go see the ENT and a Cardiologist for chest pain that may simply be involved with stress. But I don't know, so far the tests have been negative. 

Goal Three:

Complete my home goals... I have had several goals throughout the years, and I've yet to complete one. So I'm going list them out here. First is to establish my garden to grow healthy vegetables and various fruits to help accomplish the first goal. I also have it set in mind to restart my chicken coop with Standard Cochins. 

Three goals seems sufficient with everything going on. While goals one and two may be in the same category, they are two different items. Now that I'm back in School Full Time, I have to be careful what I set myself up for. 

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