Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Twenty-Eight Years Later...

We all go through stages in our lives. And it's hard to believe that I've almost been around three decades. Honestly, two years shy of 30, and a lot more learning to go.

It's amazing to think that I began as a small baby, albeit opinionated but still just a baby. From there, I have managed to accomplish the task of speaking. Something I'm sure some people wish I would unlearn.

And, I can proudly say that after 28 years, I can ALMOST walk without tripping over that stone that disappeared.

Best thing I've learned? I've learned how to love outside of myself, and be happy in the happiness of the ones who mean the most to me. I split my heart three ways, and they all walk and talk outside of me. They talk back, and call me names. But I never feel as whole unless I'm in a big family group hug. It's complete, all the pieces of my heart are back again.... then they squirm and wiggle and giggle and run away.

Second best thing... I can cook and feed others, and myself. I've fed myself a little too well, that goes without saying, but I love to cook. I love to share something that I know will nourish someone, and if it happens to have a little soul food included, even better.

I'm proud of my age, and will continue to be proud of my aging self. I feel that to not be proud that I have managed to continue to learn and survive every year would be an insult to my various life teachers (children included), and to those who have not be so fortunate to make another year.

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